i call that last one Homo Fiatense

Homo Cadoo

Online Incentives, Digital Cash Rewards, and the Future of Humanity

Correct Answer for Last Box: Sovereign Individual.

Commandments to Contracts to Cadoos.

Homo Cadoo Comes Next
colm has niched Cadoo way down to fitness because he’s an amazing CEO, but this was our original vision.
See also: Freakonomics
2020 Update: Socially Distanced Subjective Coloring
They left out incentives: learn to earn = earn to learn.
Welcome to the Future of Homo cadoo.



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Tim Parsa

Founder/funder of early-stage fintech/blockchain ventures. @airtm, @cadooinc, @slykhq, uphold.com. 20+ years building startups. U.S.-trained lawyer. Father.